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Restarting an Analysis

Restart Analysis is used to restart an analysis that was aborted for a variety of reasons including a Teradata Database restart or a user abort.

To restart the index analysis, the checkpoint frequency and the index tag must have been indicated when the original analysis was started.

Note: Restarting a halted index analysis is permitted only by the same Teradata Database user who performed the original index analysis.

To restart an analysis

1 Select Analysis > Restart Analysis.

The Restart Analysis dialog box opens.

2 Fill in the QCD Name, Workload Name, and Tag or click to select the QCD and workload.

3 Select the Recommendation Tag to restart.

4 (Optional) Enter a checkpoint value in the Check point text box. For more information, see “Advanced Index Parameters” on page 83. A zero value is the default if the Time Limit text box is blank.

5 (Optional) Specify a time limit, in minutes in the Time Limit text box. The maximum value is 2880 minutes. A zero value is the default if the Check point text box is blank.

Note: The Time Limit and Check point text boxes are unavailable if Teradata Index Wizard is connected to Teradata Database versions earlier than Teradata Database 13.0.

6 To save the recommendation, select the Save Recommendations in Files check box and fill in or browse to a folder.

7 Click OK.

The analysis restarts.