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Query Cost Analysis Report

The Query Cost Analysis Report shows the query cost of specific types of statements (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE) without the original recommended index and with the proposed recommended index. At the statement level, this allows you to see a percentage of how much a recommended index improves the query cost estimate.

Costs are shown in time, with the difference shown as a percentage.

The report also provides the SQL statements in the workload.

Use the report to compare the execution cost with and without the recommended index at the query level.

This report is created after a workload is analyzed.

To open the Query Cost Analysis Report

✔ Select Reports > Current Workload > Query Cost Analysis Report.

The following table explains the information in the report.


Column Name


Statement Type

The type of the SQL statement (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE.).

Original Cost Estimate (hh:mm:ss.sss)

The execution cost of the statement without the recommended index.

Proposed Cost Estimate
(hh:mm: ss.sss)

The estimated execution cost of each statement type with the recommended index.

Percentage Change

The percentage increase/decrease of cost in executing the statement. The proposed cost may be higher than the original cost as statistics were used during the analysis and this may cause the Optimizer to make more accurate estimates. The index recommendations are still considered useful for the query.

No. of Index Recommendations

Number of recommendations given for the current statement.

Statement Text

The text of the SQL statement.