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Executing SQL Feature

The Execute SQL feature allows you to execute SQL statements either from the Index Wizard interface, called the Execute SQL- Query window, or through Teradata SQL Assistant. Teradata SQL Assistant opens by default.

To use Teradata SQL Assistant to execute queries, see the Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide for information about this application.

Before using the Index Wizard Execute SQL - Query window, you must follow the procedure, “To select the Execute SQL - Query Window.”

Note: The native Execute SQL - Query window uses the same session as Index Wizard. It also displays a history of recent queries. If you use Teradata SQL Assistant, a new session is created.

To select the Execute SQL - Query Window

1 Click Tools > Options > Preferences.

2 Click the General tab.

3 Clear the check box Use SQL Assistant instead of Execute SQL Query window.

Now, when Execute SQL is selected, Index Wizard opens the Execute SQL - Query window instead of Teradata SQL Assistant.

To use the Execute SQL - Query Window

1 Click Tools> Execute SQL.

The Execute SQL - Query window opens.

2 Type SQL statements in the Query window.

– or –

Click a statement in the History window.

3 To open a saved SQL statement and insert it in the Query window, select File > Open Query.

4 Execute a query by selecting File > Execute Query.

– or –

From the toolbar, click .

The results appear in the Results Set window.