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Viewing Workload Details

You can view the statements and operations on a particular workload.

To view workload details

1 Click View>Workload Details.

The View Workload Details dialog box opens.

2 Enter a QCD and Workload name or click .

The following table describes the options in the dialog box.




Workload Statements

Statement ID

Displays the Query ID of the statement.


Displays the frequency of the statement within the workload.

Statement text

Displays the text of the SQL statement.

Workload Status

This section of the dialog box displays the status of the operations performed on the workload.

Recommendation Id

Displays the recommendations ID, if analysis was performed on the workload. Each time an analysis is present, a new row is entered in the Workload Status table.

Index Tag

Displays the index tag of the recommendations. For every recommendation, a new row for Index Tag is entered in the Workload Status table.

Validated System

Displays the name of the system on which the validation was last performed.

Validated Time

Displays the time when the validation was last performed.

Validated QCD

Displays the QCD on which validation was last performed.

Executed System

Displays the system on which the recommendations were applied. This is the last system on which the recommendation was executed.


Describes the last operation performed on the workload.

3 Click OK.

The Workload Summary window appears showing the workload.