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What-if Analysis Results

When the what-if analysis finishes, the results are displayed in the Analysis Results dialog box.

The dialog box shows the cost difference in percentage with and without the simulated/removed indexes and/or statistics. It also shows the overall improvement in performance.

Figure 10: Analysis Results Dialog Box

The following table describes the options in the Analysis Results dialog box.


Table 24: Analysis Results Dialog Box Description 



Query ID (Original)

Gives the query ID before the What-if analysis.

Query ID (Proposed)

Gives the query ID after the What-if analysis.

% Cost Improvement

Gives the percentage cost improvement of the statements after suggested indexes are simulated/deleted and/or statistics are simulated.

Statement Text

Gives the text of the SQL statement.


Click to compare the selected plans using Teradata Visual Explain. You must select each item separately to compare the plans for the different queries that are analyzed. Clicking this button opens the two plans in Teradata Visual Explain.

This is disabled if Teradata Visual Explain is not installed on your system.

View Graph

Opens the Teradata Index Wizard-Performance Improvement Chart and generates a graph displaying the execution cost of the statements before and after the analysis. This button is enabled only after the analysis is done. The graph shows a statement-wise comparison of the estimated query costs.

If the graph style is selected as Bar Graph, a bar graph appears (see Figure 11 on page 104). This is the default graph style.

If the graph style is selected as Line Graph, a line graph appears.

Figure 11: Performance Improvement Chart

The statements can be compared visually using Teradata Visual Explain. To do this, select the plans to be compared, and click Compare.

This opens Teradata Visual Explain and shows both plans visually.