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Shortcut Menus

Use the shortcut menus to manage the spreadsheets that appear in various dialog boxes.

The following figure shows an example of a shortcut menu.

Figure 4: Example of a Shortcut Menu

Shortcut menus include the following functions:

  • Copy - selected data to the Clipboard.
  • Find - items on a spreadsheet.
  • Hide/Show - specific or all columns in a spreadsheet.
  • Select All - rows in a spreadsheet.
  • Clear All - de-select all rows in a spreadsheet.
  • Save As - tables as text files (.txt) or Excel files (.xls).
  • Print - spreadsheets.
  • To access a shortcut menu

    1 Place the cursor on the first row of the spreadsheet appearing in a dialog box.

    2 Right-click and choose an option from the shortcut menu.