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Table Scan Report

The Table Scan Report provides general information about the usage of a table including table cardinality, AMP usage, and geography information in the workload. Specifically, the report provides details about how the tables in the workload are used in the different queries. For example, the report allows you to check whether a given table is duplicated on the AMPs or is hash-redistributed, etc. This report is created when a workload is defined.

To open the Table Scan Report

✔ Select Reports > Current Workload > Table Scan Report.

The following table explains the information provided by the report.


Column Name


Database Name

Shows the name of the database used to generate the report.

Table Name

Shows the table name.

Rows Estimate

Estimates the number of rows in a table.

Access Type

Shows the type of access made on the table. Types include:

  • All AMP Retrieve
  • Single AMP Retrieve
  • Two AMP Retrieve
  • Group AMP Retrieve
  • Geography

    Shows the geography of the relation. For example, it tells if the relation is hash re-distributed, built locally or duplicated to all AMPs.

    Statement Text

    Shows the text of the SQL statement for the individual table.