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Schedule Recommendation Errors

The schedule recommendation feature may return an error message if Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator is not set up correctly. The following is a list of possible errors.


Table 32: Schedule Recommendation Errors 




Unable to create a session

To schedule the recommendations, Teradata Query Scheduler session needs to be created.

Ensure the server service is started and retry. From the Teradata Query Scheduler Operations window, select Server > Start.

Refer to Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide for information on the Scheduler Operations window.

Scheduling request is currently restricted

This error occurs when the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator setting for Enable Scheduling is not selected.

From the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator window, select Configuration > Enable Scheduling.

Scheduler execution time frames are not currently available

The execution time frames of Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator's Configuration settings are not configured for the specified time. There is no window available to schedule the request in the specified time.

From the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator window, select Configuration > Execution Time Frames.

Failed to get scheduling information

An unknown error occurred while retrieving the scheduling information from Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.

From the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator window, check the settings and retry.

For information on Teradata Query Scheduler, refer to Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Guide and Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide.

To correct schedule recommendation errors

Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator checks for at least one execution time frame during the specified start interval for the request when other restrictions do not apply. If no time frame executions are available, the request cannot be submitted and an error message appears.

1 Start Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.

2 Click Configuration > Enabled Scheduling to ensure scheduling is enabled.

3 Click Configuration > Execution Time Frames.

The Execution Time Frames dialog box appears.

4 Under Time Frame Names, highlight the entry to change, and click Edit.

The Time Frame Properties dialog box appears.

5 Ensure the following options are set:

  • Enable Time Frame check box is selected.
  • The Every Day check box is selected or under Days one or more of the check boxes are selected.
  • Under Time, the Time From and Time To entries are between 0 to 24.
  • 6 Click OK to close the Time Frame Properties dialog box.

    7 Click Close to close the Execution Time Frames dialog box.