Query NetBackup Backup IDs | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Querying NetBackup Backup IDs - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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November 2022
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NetBackup requires the backup IDs associated with the backup save set when save set images are being transferred. To get the IDs, you must query, then list the backup IDs.
You can use the query_nbu_backupids command in this procedure, or the query_backupids command to retrieve NetBackup backup IDs.
  1. Type dsc query_nbu_backupids -n name.
    cbar6:/ # dsc query_nbu_backupids -n SDBA_Weekly
    In the example, NetBackup is queried for the backup IDs associated with the SDBA_Weekly save set. The IDs are stored in the DSC repository.
  2. To list the backup IDs, type list_query_nbu_backupids -n name.
    cbar6:/ # dsc list_query_nbu_backupids -n SDBA_Weekly
    The following example resulted from the query to list backup IDs associated with the SDBA_Weekly save set.
    Data Stream Controller Command Line
    Command parameters:
    -name : SDBA_Weekly
    Connected to DSC version
    Listing query NBU backup ids...
    Job Name: SDBA_Weekly
    Job Execution Id: 1
    Media Server: cbar6
    Backup ID                    Logical File Name                File Size     Date
    cbar6_1413483708   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file10_data_1413483639839   98.3 MB     10/16/14 11:21:48 AM
    cbar6_1413483668   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file11_data_1413483639839   104 MB      10/16/14 11:21:08 AM
    cbar6_1413483720   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file12_data_1413483639839   102 MB      10/16/14 11:22:00 AM
    cbar6_1413483666   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file13_data_1413483639839   92.4 MB     10/16/14 11:21:06 AM
    cbar6_1413483675   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file14_data_1413483639839   100 MB      10/16/14 11:21:15 AM
    cbar6_1413483673   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file15_data_1413483639839   95.1 MB     10/16/14 11:21:13 AM
    cbar6_1413483711   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file95_data_1413483639839   103 MB      10/16/14 11:21:51 AM
    cbar6_1413483715   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file96_data_1413483639839   101 MB      10/16/14 11:21:55 AM
    cbar6_1413483709   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file9_data_1413483639839    98.8 MB     10/16/14 11:21:49 AM
    cbar6_1413483647   SDBA_Weekly_1_1_file_dict_1413483639839     88.4 KB     10/16/14 11:20:47 AM
    The SDBA_Weekly save set was generated from a 96 stream backup job. There are 97 backup IDs associated with the save set: 96 data stream files and 1 dictionary stream file.