Update a Target Group Map | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Updating a Target Group Map - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
English (United States)
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To access imported save sets, the target group used in the source DSA domain must be mapped to a target group in the destination DSA domain.
  1. To view the virtual components that are available for target group mapping, type
    dsc list_components -t system -V
    dsc list_components -t nbu_server -V
  2. To map a virtual target group to an existing, physical target group in the destination domain, type
    dsc config_target_group_map -f file -V
    cbar3:/SDBA_Weekly_imports # dsc config_target_group_map -f cbar6.xml -V
    Sample XML files are located at $BARCMDLINE_ROOT/samples/sample_target_mapping. They include helpful comments and show the available settings for the corresponding commands.
    Target Group Map Tag Description
    master_source_target_name The backup target group name.
    master_source_dsc_id The ID of the source DSC repository.
    master_dest_target_name The restore target group name.
    target_group_maps A sub target grouping consisting of a backup and restore configuration pair.
    source_mediaserver_name The backup media server.
    source_policy_class_name The third party backup application policy associated with the backup media server.
    dest_mediaserver_name The restore media server.
    dest_policy_class_name The third party backup application policy associated with the restore media server.
  3. To list the target group map, type:
    dsc list_target_group_map -V
    cbar3:/SDBA_Weekly_imports # dsc list_target_group_map -V