Back Up and Replicate the Repository to Storage: Command Line | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Backing Up and Replicating the Repository: Command Line - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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  1. Back up the repository to the landing zone and replicate it to the third party storage..
    dsc run_repository_job -t backup -r replication_target_group
    The backup creates two files that are created in the landing zone:
    • bar_backupid.out Contains the data to restore the non-barbackup tables to a certain point in time. This file is replicated into the third party storage defined in the target group. Then it is removed from the landing zone.
    • bootstrap_backupid.out Contains the data to recreate the barbackup tables for disaster recovery. This file remains in the landing zone.
  2. Verify the operation and retrieve the backup ID using one of these commands:
    dsc save_sets_replication_status
    From inside the landing zone: ls -lrt retrieves the backup ID of the two most recent files.