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Creating a job includes choosing several options. There are different considerations before creating each job type. The following lists some of the considerations.

Backup Jobs
Backup jobs archive objects from a source system to a target group. Target groups are defined by a BAR administrator in the BAR Setup portlet or from the command-line interface.

The BAR Operations portlet allows you to migrate the object list from an existing ARC script into a backup job. Objects in that list that exist in the specified source system are automatically selected in the object browser when a new job is created from the migrated ARC script.

When you run a backup job for the first time or when you change the target group for a backup job, all data from the specified objects is archived. After this initial full backup, you may choose from the following backup types:
  • Full: Archives all data from the specified objects.
  • Delta: Archives only the data that has changed since the last backup operation.
  • Cumulative: Archives the data that has changed since the last full backup was run.
Restore Jobs
Restore jobs are based on successful executions of backup jobs and can only be created for a backup job that has successfully run to completion.

You can define a restore job to always restore the latest version of a backup save set or you can specify a save set version. A target Teradata system must be selected in order to define the restore job. By default, all objects from the save set are included in the restore job but the selections can be modified.

Analyze Jobs
An analyze job can employ either a read-only or validate analysis method for each job. An analyze read-only job reads the data from the media device to verify that reads are successful. An analyze validate job sends the data to the AMPs, where it is interpreted and examined but not restored.

You also need to specify a save set version from a successful backup job run.