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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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Teradata DSA features a Data Stream Controller (DSC) that controls BAR operations and enables communication between DSMain, the BAR portlets, and the DSA Network Client (ClientHandler). Teradata DSA records system setup information and DSA job metadata in the DSC Repository.

Data Stream Controller (DSC)
The DSC controls all BAR operations throughout an enterprise environment. The DSC is notified of all requested BAR operations and manages resources to ensure optimal system backup and restore job performance.
DSC Repository
The DSC repository is the storage database for job definitions, logs, archive metadata, and hardware configuration data. The DSC manages the repository using JDBC and is the only client component that can update the repository metadata. Direct access to the repository is not supported.
DSMain runs on the Teradata nodes and receives job plans from the DSC. Job plans include stream lists, object lists, and job details. DSMain tracks the stream and object progress through the backup and restore process and communicates with the DSA Network Client.
DSA Network Client
The DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) controls the data path from DSMain to the storage device and verifies authentication from the database. The DSA Network Client then opens the connection to the appropriate device or API.
JMS Broker
Communication between the DSA components is performed using a JMS broker.
BAR Portlets
The BAR Setup and BAR Operations Viewpoint portlets allow you to manage the DSA configuration and job operations.
DSA Command-Line Interface (CLI)
The DSA command-line interface provides an alternative to the BAR portlets. The DSA command-line interface allows job launch, monitoring, and scheduling capabilities. It also provides commands to define DSA configuration.
DSA Components
Teradata DSA components

A CAM daemon resides on the Viewpoint server shown in the diagram. The CAM daemon is part of the alert messaging system. See Alerts for more information.