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November 2022
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For analyze jobs, the Save Set Version tab is available after you select Create Analyze Job from the Saved Jobs view. It allows you to select a version of the save set against which to run your analyze job. You can select the latest version or you can specify a version if more than one save set exists.

When you specify a version, selecting the Table Actions "" menu, and then Configure Columns allows you to select, lock, and designate the order of columns.

The following columns are available:
Column Header Description
BACKUP DATE Start date and time job began
OBJECTS A count of database objects copied during the job
SIZE Aggregate size for the objects processed
BACKUP TYPE Full, delta, or cumulative backup associated with the save set
TYPE Backup
TARGET GROUP Target group of the backup job
COMPLETION DATE Date and time the backup job was completed
LOCATION Location where the objects or third-party target group were backed up
JOB PHASE Job phase associated with the save set