Restore with Fewer File Targets | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Restoring with Fewer File Targets - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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November 2022
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Though it is not the norm and will require custom tasks to be performed, it is possible to restore datasets using fewer file targets than were used in the backup.
These steps use this sample scenario:
  • Backup job performed using one target group and four devices:

    TargetGroup1: mediaserver1 (two devices), mediaserver2 (two devices)

  • Restore job using three devices:

    NewTargetGroup: mediaserver1 (two devices), mediaserver2 (one device)

Use the BAR Setup port to do the following:

  1. Using the policies specified in the original target group, create a new target group with mediaserver1 having two devices and mediaserver2 having one device.
  2. Create a restore group to map the original target group to the newly created one with mediaserver4.
  3. Create a restore job with this new restore target group and desired system to finish the restore.
    The restore process will take longer since it will require two passes. The first pass will be to restore the three datasets and the second pass, to restore just one dataset.