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June 2017
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The Alert Setup portlet enables you to configure delivery settings and actions that are triggered when the alert service generates an alert. After setting alert actions in the Alert Setup portlet, you can use the following portlets to define threshold levels and triggers to generate alerts.
Portlet Interaction
Ecosystem Configuration Configure rules to trigger alerts. See Teradata Ecosystem Manager User Guide for more information.
Monitored Systems Add alerts to a system and set rules to trigger alerts.
Performance Data Collection Add job and database space alert configuration to trigger alerts.
Server Management Select actions for Server Management summary alerts. See Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide for more information.
Workload Designer Configure rulesets to trigger an alert when an exception to the workload occurs.
For example, you can do the following:
  • Use the Ecosystem Configuration portlet to trigger a BTEQ script to be run when a Heartbeat event occurs for a defined application server.
  • Use the Monitored Systems portlet to configure an SNMP trap to be sent if the current perm space used on any database in a Teradata Database system exceeds 80%.
  • Use the Performance Data Collection portlet to configure an email alert to be sent when a job fails to complete successfully or when database space reaches a specified threshold.
  • Use the Server Management portlet to configure a trap to be sent to an SNMP management server when a database alerts with a Warning severity.
  • Use the Workload Designer portlet to configure an email alert to be sent when the CPU usage for a Teradata Database request exceeds 1 million CPU seconds.