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Teradata Viewpoint
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June 2017
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The details view for Teradata QueryGrid includes a graphical representation of the progress of the selected query. The icons below represent the initiating or target systems and the phases of the operations performed.

System Icons

The icons below represent the query on the initiator and target systems. The icons inside the smaller circle represents the query state. In addition to the query states shown below, additional possible states for the query are listed in State Icons.

Icon Name Definition
No query is running No query is currently running
Active The query is running on the system
Idle The query is currently idle

Operation Phase Icons

Icon Name Definition
Metadata Operation A handshake between systems to negotiate data types and validate queries
Execution Operation Query processing prior to transferring the data
Data transfer The transferring of data from one system to another
Completed Query has successfully finished processing
Failed Query did not finish processing successfully
Unknown Query processing status is not currently available