16.10 - Installing a Certificate from a Certificate Signing Request - Teradata Viewpoint

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Teradata Viewpoint
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June 2017
English (United States)
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A certificate signing request (CSR) is used to obtain a signed certificate for the server. After the request is created, the certificate signing request must be submitted to a CA to be signed. After the request is signed, the resulting signed certificate can be installed.
  1. From the Setup list, click HTTPS Config.
  2. Under Certificate Signing Request, do the following under Step 1:
    1. Click Create File.
    2. Enter the following information:
      Field Description
      Common Name Domain name
      Organizational Unit Business unit
      Organization Company name
      City or Locality City or locality of the organization
      State or Province State or province of the organization
      Country Country code where the organization is located
      Email [Optional] Email address of the requester
    3. Click Create.
    4. If a certificate was previously installed, click Replace.
    A csr file is created and the file name appears as a link under Step 2.
  3. Under Step 2, do one of the following:
    Option Description
    1. Click the link.
    2. View the contents of the CSR in the box or copy it to the Clipboard for further use.
    3. Click Close.
    View CSR contents before downloading
    1. Click the link.
    2. Click Download.

    The file is saved to your download area or to a location that you specify, depending on the browser settings.

    Download without viewing CSR contents
    1. Click .

      The file is saved to your browser's download area.

  4. Outside of Teradata Viewpoint, do the following:
    1. Send the CSR to a CA for signing.
    2. After the request is signed by the CA, save the resulting signed certificate in PEM, DER, or PKCS#7 format to your local system.
  5. Under Step 3, do the following:
    1. Click Install.
    2. In the Certificate box, click Choose File and browse to the saved PEM, DER, or PKCS#7 formatted file.
  6. Click Install.
The name of the new certificate appears in the Certificate box.

HTTPS connections immediately start using the new certificate and no restart of the Viewpoint server is required.