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Statistics recommendations are suggestions, produced by analyze jobs, about actions to be taken on statistics. There are four types of recommendations: collect, automate, reactivate, and deactivate.
Collect recommendations
Suggestions about columns or indexes that the Teradata Database will benefit from having statistics collected on.
Reactivate recommendations
Suggestions about statistics that were deactivated but are now being used again by Teradata Database.
Deactivate recommendations
Suggestions about statistics that are no longer being used by the Teradata Database and should no longer be collected.
Automate recommendations
Suggestions about statistics to approve for collection by collect jobs.

After an analyze job runs, you can approve or reject recommendations resulting from that job depending on the options you selected when you created or edited an analyze job. If you selected Require review before applying recommendations, you can manually approve or reject recommendations. If you did not select this option, the recommendations are automatically approved.

To see recommendations, click the recommendations link from the Statistics tab. The Recommendations for System view appears. You can drill down three levels to see recommendations in databases, for objects, or for a single statistic.

Recommendations display in each view as described below.
Recommendations View Description
System All databases on the system
Database All objects on the database
object Object, such as a table or index, by statistic
Statistic Details for a single statistic

Use the filter, located in the upper right corner, to show either the pending recommendations that are awaiting approval or the rejected recommendations.

The All tab displays the total number of collect, automate, reactivate, and deactivate recommendations combined. The remaining tabs displays the collect, reactivate, deactivate, and automate recommendations in the databases or in the objects, depending on the view.