16.10 - Ruleset Options - Teradata Viewpoint

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June 2017
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The Workload Designer view shows individual rulesets and specific options for each ruleset based on the permissions assigned to your role and the section in which the ruleset is located.

The Working section contains rulesets on the Viewpoint server that are editable.
Option Description
Make Active Makes the ruleset the active ruleset on the Teradata Aster system. Copies the ruleset to the Active section.
View/Edit Opens the ruleset for viewing and editing.
Show All Lists all ruleset attributes on one page.
Lock Locks the ruleset so only the lock creator can edit the ruleset.
Unlock Unlocks the ruleset so others can edit the ruleset.
Clone Creates a copy of the ruleset. This option is useful if you want to use an existing ruleset as a base or template to create a ruleset.
Export Exports the ruleset as an XML file. Use with the Import button to copy a ruleset from one system to another.
Delete Removes the ruleset from the Working section.
The Active section contains the active ruleset on the Aster server. When this ruleset does not match a working ruleset, an option is available to copy the ruleset to the Working section.