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June 2017
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Importance is a ranking assigned to each statistic that enables Teradata Database to order COLLECT STATISTICS statements when a collect list is generated for a collect job. When Teradata Database automatically assigns the ranking it is called system importance. However, you can override the ranking of the statements and set it to low, medium, high, critical, or none by specifying the user importance.
  1. From the Statistics tab, select a database row.
  2. Select an object row. The Statistics view appears.
  3. Do one of the following to edit the importance:
    • Click next to the statistic and click Edit User Importance.
    • Click the Table Actions menu, and click Edit User Importance.
    • Click the statistic and click Actions > Edit User Importance.
  4. Select an option from the User importance list.
  5. Click OK. View the updated ranking on the Statistic details tab in the Statistic Details view or in the User Importance column of the Statistics view.