16.10 - Viewing Analyze Reports - Teradata Viewpoint

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June 2017
English (United States)
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  1. From the Jobs tab, do one of the following:
    • To view the current report for an analyze job, click the row of the job.
    • To view a past report for an analyze job, click next to the job, click View History, and then click the job instance.
    The Analyze job report view appears.
    The info bar at the top of the view, displays the progress of the Query log analysis and Staleness analysis, as well as the Start time, Duration, and CPU time.
    The info bar only displays if the Enable progress monitoring for analyze jobs option is checked in the Edit System Analyze settings.
    The tabs in the report view show information about the statistics that were included in the analysis. The tabs displayed depend on the options selected from the Functions tab when you created or edited an analyze job.
  2. Select from the following tabs to view information about the job:
    Tab Displays
    Usage Information about the statistics that were used
    Missing Statistics that are recommended for collection
    Stale Statistics in the database whose status is stale
    Reactivate Statistics that were deactivated but are now recommended for reactivation
    Deactivate Statistics that were active but are now recommended for deactivation
    Automate Statistics that should be automated
  3. [Optional] Click a row of the table to see details for that job instance.