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June 2017
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The Shared Pages portlet displays a list of the shared pages by role and allows you to create, copy, delete, and configure shared pages.

A shared page is a pre-defined page created by the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator that contains the portlets, systems, and settings a role uses most frequently. A shared page can be assigned to only one role and inherits the permissions of the role. Multiple shared pages can be assigned to a role.

Shared pages can be editable, read-only, or mandatory.
  • Pages are editable by default with users having full control over the content, layout, and settings of their instance of the shared page. The shared page in the Shared Pages portlet is not affected.
  • Read-only pages can be added or removed from the portal by users but the content and layout cannot be changed.
  • Mandatory pages are similar to read-only pages except they are present in the user portal at all times, therefore, users cannot add or delete the page from the portal.

To allow users to administer shared pages, create a role using Roles Manager and then enable the Shared Pages portlet for this role.

Following is an example of the summary view.