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June 2017
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In SLES 11, the Distribution details view displays resource consumption for a virtual partition by tier/access level or workload.

State Matrix
Shows the changes in state, planned environment, or health condition during the cumulative sampling period. In SLES 11, you can click it to see details about the current state and previous states.
CPU Consumption or I/O Consumption: Toggles the consumption data for the sampling period.
Sampling Time Frame Control: Filters the system information for the selected sampling time frame.
Virtual Partition List: In SLES 11, filters the system information for the selected virtual partition or all virtual partitions.
Bar Charts
Compare system resource consumption by tier/access level or by workload:
  • By Tier/Access Level: Displays the percentage of partition CPU used by each tier/access level. Click a tier/access level to access the workload group view.
  • By Workload: Displays the percentage of partition CPU used by each workload. Click a workload to access the workload details view.

Following is an example Distribution details view that you can see in SLES 11.