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June 2017
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You can use a submit-based approach, analyze-based approach, or a combination of both approaches, to automate statistics collection using the Stats Manager portlet.

Approach Description
Submit-Based Use this approach to:
  • Submit all automated statistics for frequent collection
  • Employ the Optimizer to determine if a statistic needs to be collected
Analyze-Based Use this approach to:
  • Analyze the importance and staleness of statistics
  • Prioritize statistics submitted for collection based on the analyze results
Combination Use a combination of both submit-based and analyze-based approaches to ensure data is collected on stale statistics on a timely basis.
Prior to implementing a statistics collection approach, you must do the following:
  • Use the automate options to approve the statistics you want to automate.
  • Create collect jobs to ensure that all automated statistics are associated with a collect job.

    All automated statistics are associated with a collect job when 100% of automated stats have collect jobs displays on the Statistics by Database view on the Statistics tab.