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June 2017
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Analytical Ecosystem

The Explain tab displays an abbreviated version of the Step statistics and Explain text that result from an Explain request in an SQL session and allows you to export Explain data. The tab is available only when a query meets certain thresholds established by the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator. The information is read-only. Each Explain step is uniquely identified with a number, where the background color of the number box indicates status. If a query uses incremental planning, appears with two gray bars next to the running steps, indicating that the total number of steps can change as additional steps are generated. When all steps are generated, appears with three black bars next to the completed steps.

If you have the correct permissions, use to retrieve the latest Explain steps from the database. Click Refresh to update. The refresh screen data is not maintained once the refresh view closes. Repeatedly retrieving current Explain data can impact system performance.

Step Information Description
Step Number
  • Completed steps are at the top of the list and indicated by a black number box.
  • Active steps are indicated by a pulsating number box (flashes blue).
  • Steps to run are at the bottom of the list and indicated by a white number box.
Confidence Level Indicator Icon

- No confidence in the estimate

- Low confidence in the estimate

- High confidence in the estimate

- High confidence in the estimate due to a join index

Estimated Time Estimated execution time for the step
Estimated Rows Estimated number of rows for the step
Actual Time Actual CPU time consumed by the step, or blank if the step has not run
Actual Rows Actual number of rows for the step, or blank if the step has not run