12.02 - Maintenance Window - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
English (United States)
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The Maintenance Window portlet allows you to temporarily suppress incident creation. You should open a maintenance window to perform system maintenance or perform any other task that would generate alerts. Task examples include: rebooting a node, replacing a disk drive in a disk array, installing software, or installing firmware.

You must have appropriate permission to manage maintenance windows.

You can schedule a maintenance window immediately or ahead of time. During a current maintenance window, Server Management continues to collect data, including summary alerts and reports.

A maintenance window created in the Maintenance Window portlet allows you to view current or scheduled maintenance windows created in Viewpoint or Server Management Client. You can also add a system-wide Maintenance Window for a site ID.
To add a Maintenance Window for a chassis or chassis component, use Server Management Client.
A Maintenance Window portlet provides the following options:
Add a Maintenance Window
The icon allows you to add a maintenance window for the site listed on the tab.
Edit a Maintenance Window
The Edit button allows you to change the name, system, start time, duration, or comments of an open or scheduled Maintenance Window added in Viewpoint.
In the Maintenance Window portlet, you cannot edit a Maintenance Window created in Server Management Client.
You can extend the duration of the maintenance window while it is open. If you try to extend a maintenance window in some Server Management failure conditions, such as failover or network down, some alerts may be escalated during the update time period.
Remove Maintenance Window
The Remove Maintenance Window button allows you to cancel a scheduled maintenance window and remove it from the Maintenance Window list.
If the maintenance window is in progress, the button becomes End Maintenance Window.
The History option allows you to view a list of expired maintenance windows, the start and end times, the system, and comments. If the Maintenance Window was added from Viewpoint, the user ID appears.