12.02 - Component Names - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
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Naming Method Description
Default Names Default names are established during initial configuration of the system. You cannot change a default name after a system is configured.

Default names are in the following format in the Tree View:

Component Name Component Number

For example:
  • System 1
  • Collective 2
  • Cabinet Hybrid 1
  • Disk Array 24
Aliases An alias is a unique, alpha-numeric representation of a component. During initial configuration of the system, a default alias is established for each component.
For example:
  • SYS.1
  • COL1.2
  • CAB.1.2.1
  • DA.

You cannot change the default alias of a component; however, you can define a different alias. User-defined aliases must be unique and can be any combination of numbers or letters.

All user-defined aliases are stored in a global aliases file.

Component ID A Component ID is a unique, alpha-numeric combination that identifies a component in the system. Depending on where a component is located in the system hierarchy, its component ID, that is its CIM or object path, can include a component type, system ID, collective ID, cabinet ID, chassis ID, and subcomponent ID.
For example:
  • Disk_DD4200.SystemID=1,CollectiveID=2,CabinetID=1,ID=24