12.02 - Access to SMClient Commands - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
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User group membership determines access to SMClient commands. SMClient has a default set of user groups:
  • Users have read-only access to the system; users can view but not change information.
  • Enhanced Users have the same as access as Users; additionally, they are allowed to run FRU replace procedures.
  • Service Users have access to all the tools and commands in SMClient as well as access to the network, devices, and CMICs.
SMClient Menu Commands Available to Users by Default
File All commands
View All commands
Functions No commands
Event Mgmt All commands except:

Alert Escalation Test

Configuration No commands
Tools All commands except:

Asset Baseline

Client Connections Window

By default, from the Multi Select window, users can run only the commands listed as available to users in this table.
Help All commands
System and CMIC VM Toolbar Command Commands Available to Users by Default
Asset Baseline All commands
Multi Select All commands
Maintenance Window All commands
Connect CMIC: All Client Connections commands
Alerts All Alerts commands except:

Functions > Clear Summary Alert

Events All Event Viewer options
Asset Info Displays asset information
Asset History Display asset history records based on times selected
Properties System: All properties
Measurement Info For system components selected, displays common identification fields and available measurement information for the types selected. To print the information, click Summary Alerts > File > Save Table > Text or > CSV to save the information to a .txt or a .csv file.
Measurement History System: Display measurement history records based on times selected
Attach Temporary Device CMIC: Follow steps to attach the device to the host VMS
Firmware Version Checker All commands except:

Functions > Flash

Alert Escalation Test Run an Alert Escalation Test based on components selected
Support Bundles CMIC: All commands