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Each entry in the log file has the following format:

module severity level timestamp:session ID:transaction ID:thread:file and line number:operation: message

Log Output Example

Refer to the table below for a description of the values for each log file entry.

EPT T 03/17 17:18:21.513:M1001:93:tdpagt-t2:eptstart.c 3538: SQL text: 'BT'
Value Description
Module Module identifier with one of the following values:
SEQ Entry refers to a log message from the Sequencer process but not in the context of processing a response from any Dispatcher.
EPT Message from Endpoint process.
DPT Message from Dispatcher process.
WDG Message from Watchdog process.
C [nn] Sequencer logs this message when processing a request from a Dispatcher numbered nn. For example, C00 corresponds to a message the Sequencer logs when processing a response from Dispatcher 0.
RD [nn] Dispatcher logs this message and numbers it nn. For example, RDS00 corresponds to a message Dispatcher 0 logs. These messages are added to the Dispatcher log.
This value can also be RE [nn] for messages relayed from an Endpoint, or RW [nn] for messages relayed from a Watchdog.
severity log level Indicates the severity of the message with one of the following values:
E error
W warning
I informational
T trace
timestamp Timestamp when the entry was logged. For example, 09/09 09:08:26.232 in the Log output.
Timestamps in the log file are always written in the local time zone, as defined on the physical box where the process is running.
session ID Identifier "m-" for managed sessions with the transaction ID following or "t-" for passive sessions with the request ID following.
transaction ID Number of transaction.
thread Name of the internal thread that logged the entry. If there are multiple threads of the same name, then the thread number is also included.
file and line number Name of the file and line number which logged the message.
operation Internal operation being performed when the message was logged.
message Message that was logged.