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Continuous Availability
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September 2020
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These commands may take a long time to complete depending on the number and size of the tables within the database. While an individual system is being synchronized, a table-level read lock is placed on the table of the source system. This prevents any writes to the table while the table is being copied.
  1. From unityadmin, run the following command to activate a new system without activating its tables:
    unityadmin> system activate system2 NO TABLES;
  2. Run the following command to mark all the tables in the specified database as being available on the second system:
    unityadmin> database manage dbtest on system1, system2;
    Those tables start in the unrecoverable state on the new system.
  3. Run the following command to synchronize and activate all the tables in the specified database:
    unityadmin> database resync dbtest from system1 to system2;