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September 2020
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In some cases, the DBA is unable to resolve an interrupted request directly on the Teradata system. For example, this may happen if a user was mapped to the wrong routing rule and accidentally executed a request that requires objects that do not exist on a given Teradata system. For these situations, it is possible to skip requests, allowing Unity recovery process to continue recovering any other workloads that were dependent on the request.
Skipping a request can result in tables becoming unrecoverable. For Unity the copy of the table is no longer synced with the copies of the table on other systems. It is not recommended to override this. The best practice is to allow the table to become unrecoverable, and then use Unity validation and resync features to synchronize the table if needed.
  1. From the Interrupted Sessions screen of the Unity UI, select the session you want to skip.
  2. Select SKIP in the Interrupted Sessions Details window.
  3. In the Skip Interrupted Session dialog box, select SKIP again.