16.20 - Restarting a Job "Catch Up" - Parallel Transporter

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August 2020
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Here are the steps for switching the load protocol to perform “catch up”:

  1. Terminate the current job with the TERMINATE command. This forces the job to take a checkpoint before it terminates.
  2. Switch the load protocol by either changing the operator in the job variables file or by using another job variables file that has the new operator. The latter method is highly recommended because it prevents users from modifying existing job variables files.
  3. Resubmit the same job with the same command options.
    Do not cleanup the Teradata PT checkpoint files left from the previous run.

    The steps above can be easily automated because performing "catch up" is very similar to restarting a job. In most of the "catch up" cases, you do not need to modify the original scripts. This is all due to the advantages of having a single script language, external job variables to isolate changes to one place, and a common protocol for checkpoint restart across operators.