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August 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata PT replaces the Teradata Utilities. For example, instead of running FastLoad, Teradata PT uses the Load operator. Instead of running MultiLoad, Teradata PT uses the Update operator.

The following table compares Teradata PT operators with Teradata utilities.

Comparison of Teradata PT Operators and Teradata Utilities 
Teradata PT Operator Utility Equivalent Purpose
DataConnector operator Data Connector (PIOM) Reads data from and writes data to flat files
DataConnector operator with the Teradata Access Module for WebSphere MQ Same with Data Connector (PIOM) Reads data from IBM WebSphere MQ
DataConnector operator with Teradata Access Module for Named Pipes Same with Data Connector (PIOM) Reads data from a named pipe
DDL operator BTEQ Executes DDL, DCL, and self-contained DML SQL statements
Export operator FastExport Exports data from Teradata Database (high-volume export)
FastExport OUTMOD Adapter operator FastExport OUTMOD Routine Preprocesses exported data with a FastExport OUTMOD routine before writing the data to a file
FastLoad INMOD Adapter operator FastLoad INMOD Routine Reads and preprocesses data from a FastLoad INMOD data source
Load operator FastLoad Loads an empty table (high-volume load)
MultiLoad INMOD Adapter operator MultiLoad INMOD Routine Reads and preprocesses data from a MultiLoad INMOD data source
ODBC operator Teradata Access Module for OLEDB Exports data from any non-Teradata Database that has an ODBC driver
OS Command operator Client host operating system Executes host operating system commands
SQL Inserter operator BTEQ Inserts data into a Teradata table using SQL protocol
SQL Selector operator BTEQ Selects data from a Teradata table using SQL protocol
Stream operator TPump Continuously loads Teradata tables using SQL protocol
Update operator MultiLoad Updates, inserts, and deletes rows