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The Load operator automatically creates two error tables that capture errors during job execution, ErrorTable1 and ErrorTable2, which separate information as follows:

  • ErrorTable 1: The Acquisition Error Table. Contains most of the errors relating to data and the data environment. The following types of errors are captured:
    • Constraint violations - Records that violate a range or value constraint defined for specific columns of a table.
    • Unavailable AMP - Records to be written to a non-fallback table about an offline AMP.
    • Data conversion errors - Records that fail to convert to a specified data type.
  • ErrorTable 2: The Application Error Table contains all of the rows that have violations of the unique primary index.

Jobs can use the default names of the error tables, or can specify an alternate table names using the ErrorTable1 and ErrorTable2 attributes in the operator definition.

The Teradata Database discards all records that produce a duplicate row error, but reports the total number of duplicate rows encountered and the total records in each error table, in the end-of-operation status report.

Error Table Format

The Load operator error tables have specific formats:

  • The acquisition error table contains the following columns:
    Column Contents
    ErrorCode Teradata Database return code for the error condition, as specified in the messages reference documentation for your operating system environment.
    ErrorFieldName Name of the data item that caused the error condition.
    The names in this column have a maximum supported size of 120 characters. The names can be up to 128 characters, but if a row is inserted into ErrorTable 1, the Teradata Database truncates any name that exceeds 120 characters.
    DataParcel Entire data record, as provided by the source producer operator. DataParcel is used as the primary index for the first error table. The data record string can be up to 64,000 bytes, depending on which version of the Teradata Database the job is run against.
  • The application error table is formatted to match the target table.