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The Stream operator definition can employ the ErrorLimit attribute to specify the approximate number of records that can be stored in the error table before the Stream operator job is terminated. This number is approximate because the Stream operator sends multiple rows of data simultaneously to Teradata Database. By the time Teradata PT processes the message indicating that the error limit has been exceeded, it may have loaded more records into the error table than the number specified in the error limit.

When the Stream operator encounters a data row that cannot be processed properly, it creates a row in the error table. Such errors are added to the error table until it reaches the limit. Specify these options in the APPLY statement, immediately following the DML statements to which they apply, to control error handling for those DML statements by the Stream operator.

The application of the error limit may apply either per operator instance or per operator depending on the stage of the load task when the limit is reached. For more information, see Effects of Error Limits.


Consider the following when setting the ErrorLimit value:
  • The ErrorLimit is valuable because it will allow the job to continue when errors are encountered, instead of allowing the errors to terminate the job. However, you must manually clean up the accumulated errors after the job has completed, so do not let more errors accumulate than you have time to process.
  • The errors encountered are mostly the result of bad data. If you need to keep the error limit set very high, it may be useful to look for ways to improve the data.
  • The value should be set empirically, based on how the job runs. The actual setting must be based on the amount of data that will be processed by the job.

For a detailed description and required syntax, see "Stream Operator" in Teradata® Parallel Transporter Reference, B035-2436.