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August 2020
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Easy Loader is an extended TPT command line interface that enables a user to load data from a flat file into a Teradata table, load data from one Teradata table to another, or unload data from a Teradata table into a flat file.

The default behavior of Easy Loader is loading flat file data into Teradata tables, but has been extended to support other basic TPT load and unload operations scriptlessly.

Easy Loader accepts UNIX-like command line options and generates a TPT Script and Job Variable file internally. Post-generation, TPT is run using the generated files.

Easy Loader can automatically determine the load and unload operators based on the job variables provided to it by the user via the command line, as well as the type of load/unload job the user requests.

The tdload command has two modes of operation: Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic. In Fully-Automatic mode, tdload automatically decides the optimal operators that are to be used for the load/unload job. In Semi-Automatic mode, the user chooses the producer and/or consumer operator by using an operator template job variable and allows Easy Loader to default required job variables, as well as translate generic job variables provided into operator specific job variables.

Currently, supported producer and consumer operators are:
  • Producer: DataConnector Producer and Export
  • Consumer: DataConnector Consumer, Load, Updated, Stream, and Inserter