16.20 - Review the Warnings - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
English (United States)
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Check for any minor warnings that may appear in the logs to see if further action is required, as shown in the following examples:

  • The DDL operator may encounter database errors that the ErrorList attribute is set to ignore and will return a warning instead of an error, while allowing the job to continue executing.

    Action: Review the warnings and associated errors. Determine whether or not ignoring the error is achieving the results you expected. Reset the ErrorList attribute if required.

  • The OS Command operator may not have been able to execute one or more of the commands requested of it.

    Action: Review the error message output and correct the problems as you would any normal operating system error messages. If the OS Command operator IgnoreError attribute value was set to Yes, then any command errors would not have terminated the job. In these cases, look at the logs for any OS Command operator error messages and if any are present, determine whether or not later job steps were adversely affected by any commands that were not successfully executed.