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September 2017
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Another way to run PSTParserAFS is to use the table_from_afs function:

SELECT * FROM table_from_afs (
  ON empty_table 
  Path ('input_path' [,...])
  [ Host ('afs_server_ip_address') ]
  [ Port ('afs_server_port_number') ]
  Input_Format (
    'columns colname [,...] STRINGS' [, 'exclude MessageFolder1 [,...] STRINGS'] )
  SerDe ('com.asterdata.sqlmr.analytics.parser.PSTParserAFS.serde.PSTSerDe',
    'field.delim=1', 'escape.delim=27')
  OutputColumns ('colname coltype' [, ...]]

In the Input_Format argument, you can specify the output column names and folders to exclude.

For more information about the table_from_afs function, see the Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Aster Appliances 6.20.