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The RandomWalkSample function has three output tables: the summary table (typically displayed on the screen) and the vertex and edges tables (saved to the database).

The summary table displays statistics:

RandomWalkSample Summary Table
name count
vertices (number of vertices in original graph)
edges (number of edges in original graph)
sampled vertices (number of sampled vertices)
sampled edges (number of sampled edges)

The vertex and edges tables (whose names are specified in the OutputTables argument) have the same schemas as the input tables, vertices and edges. However, the output table column names are different from the input table column names.

If the input table vertices has only one vertex attribute, the output table vertex has only one column, named id. If vertices has n vertex attributes, vertex has n columns, named id_1, ..., id_n.

If the input table edges has only one source vertex attribute, the output table edges has two columns, named source and target. If the input table edges has n source vertex attributes, the output table edges has n*2 columns, named source_1, ..., source_n, target_1, ..., target_n