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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

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September 2017
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  • In the Configuration Dialog window, assign a table or column to a field in either of these ways:
    • Select the table or column name from the Field drop-down menu.

      From the Field drop-down menu, you can select multiple columns. Use shift-click to select a range of columns or control-click to select one column at a time. The order in which you select the columns is preserved.

      The columns in the Field menu are retrieved from the query provided at the input port of the node. For an input query like SELECT * FROM table1, all columns of table1 appear in the menu. The same is true for queries like SELECT col1, col2 FROM table1 and queries that include conditions in the SELECT statement.

      However, for input queries with SELECT statements that contain joins, unions, SQL-MapReduce calls, aggregates functions, or window functions, the Field menu is not populated with columns. In such cases, you must use your knowledge of the query result to enter the column names for the function arguments. The following choice explains how to enter a column name in a field.

    • Check the box to the right of the field and type the table or column name in the field.

      If the field name is either Partition By or Order By, do not enclose the name in quotation marks. Otherwise, enclose the name in single quotation marks.