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The input file is a PST file that contains information about an email. The following figure shows how the email looks in Outlook. (The sender and recipient are the same.)

PSTParserAFS Example 1 Input Table dum1.pst (Columns 1-4)
message_id sender sender_email_address recipients
<56a23f55.53adca0a.b5ff9.ffffc1e8@mx.google.com> Microsoft Outlook dumfirstlast@gmail.com dumfirst dumlast
PSTParserAFS Example 1 Input Table dum1.pst (Columns 5-8)
recipients_email_addresses received_date subject contents
dumfirstlast@gmail.com 2016-01-22 06:40:21 Microsoft Outlook Test Message This is an e-mail message sent automatically by Microsoft Outlook while testing the settings for your account.
PSTParserAFS Input File Email in Outlook