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September 2017
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Specifies the names of the source input table columns that contain the point coordinate values.

If you specify only one column, you must specify the coordinates of the point in well-known text (WKT) syntax. For example, the string 'POINT (30 10)' is the WKT markup syntax that describes a point with x coordinate 30 and y coordinate 10. For more information about WKT, see http://www.geoapi.org/3.0/javadoc/org/opengis/referencing/doc-files/WKT.html.

Tip: This function can process the output of the GeometryLoader function, which is expressed in WKT. For example, you can use the GeometryLoader function to convert GIS data formats (for example, shapefile (.shp), MapInfo TAB (.tab), Keyhole Markup Language (KML), and GeoJSON) to WKT and use the PointInPolygon function to process the resulting WKT data.

If you specify two columns, the function interprets them as the two coordinates of the input points (for example, latitude and longitude).

Tip: When you specify two columns, the output of the IPGeo function can be input to this function.
Specifies the name of the reference table column that contains the polygon coordinate values. The column content must be of type WKT.
Specifies the names of the reference table columns that contain the polygon names. The function copies these columns to the output table.
[Optional] Specifies whether to indicate in the output table when the point is not in a polygon. Default: 'false'.
[Optional] Specifies the source table columns to copy to the output table.