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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The output table has one row for each input row that the function parses, except those that contain requested files of excluded types. Its schema depends on the log format and function arguments. The following table is a possible output table schema.

Apache_Log_Parser Output Table Schema
Column Data Type Description
remote_host VARCHAR Remote host that made the HTTP request.
remote_log_name VARCHAR Log name on remote host.
remote_user VARCHAR User logged into remote host.
request_time TIMESTAMP Timestamp when the HTTP request was made.
requested_page VARCHAR Requested landing page.
final_status INTEGER Status for request that was internally redirected. Applies to the final request, not the original request.
bytes_sent_including_header INTEGER Response size in bytes in Custom Log Format (CLF).
referrer VARCHAR URL from which the request was initiated.
request:User-Agent VARCHAR Information about the system from which the request was initiated.

The possible output column names are listed in Apache Log Parser Item-Name Mapping and the following table. The following table describes the output table columns that appear only if the SearchInfoFlag argument has the value 'true' and the log file contains referrer information.

Apache_Log_Parser Output Columns Extracted, RETURN_SEARCH_INFO('true')
Column Data Type Description
search_engine VARCHAR Name of the search engine referrer (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) if the log file contains that information; otherwise blank.
search_terms VARCHAR Search terms that led to landing on the page.