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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The input table is a collection of user reviews for different products.

TrainSentimentExtractor Example Input Table sentiment_train
id product category review
1 camera POS we primarily bought this camera for high image quality and excellent video capability without paying the price for a dslr. it has excelled in what we expected of it, and consequently represented excellent value for me. all my friends want my camera for their vacations. i would recommend this camera to anybody. definitely worth the price. plus, when you buy some accessories, it becomes even more powerful.
2 office suite POS it is the best office suite i have used to date. it is launched before office 2010 and it is ages ahead of it already. the fact that i could comfortable import xls, doc, ppt and modify them, and then export them back to the doc, xls, ppt is terrific. i needed the compatibility. it is a very intuitive suite and the drag drop functionality is terrific.
3 camera POS this is a nice camera, delivering good quality video images decent photos. light small, using easily obtainable, high quality minidv i love it. minor irritations include touchscreen based menu only digital photos can only be transferred via usb, requiring ilink and usb if you use ilink.
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