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September 2017
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Some analytic functions have column specification arguments with this syntax:
argument ( {column | column_range }[,...] )
The column is a column name. The syntax of column_range is:
'start_column:end_column' [, '-exclude_column' ]

The range includes its endpoints.

The start_column and end_column can be:
  • Column names (for example, '[column1:column2]')
  • Nonnegative integers that represent the indexes of columns in the table (for example, '[0:4]')

    The first column has index 0; therefore, '[0:4]' specifies the first five columns in the table.

  • Empty. For example:
    • '[:4]' specifies all columns up to and including the column with index 4.
    • '[4:]' specifies the column with index 4 and all columns after it.
    • '[:]' specifies all columns in the table.

The exclude_column is a column in the specified range, represented by either its name or its index (for example, '[0:99]', '-[50]', '-column10' specifies the columns with indices 0 through 99, except the column with index 50 and column10.

Column ranges cannot overlap, and cannot include any column specified in column_list.