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The input table is log of vehicle complaints. The category column indicates whether the car has been involved in a crash.

TextTokenizer Example 3 Input Table complaints
doc_id text_data category
1 consumer was driving approximately 45 mph hit a deer with the front bumper and then ran into an embankment head-on passenger's side air bag did deploy hit windshield and deployed outward. driver's side airbag cover opened but did not inflate it was still folded causing injuries. crash
2 when vehicle was involved in a crash totalling vehicle driver's side/ passenger's side air bags did not deploy. vehicle was making a left turn and was hit by a ford f350 traveling about 35 mph on the front passenger's side. driver hit his head-on the steering wheel. hurt his knee and received neck and back injuries. crash
3 consumer has experienced following problems; 1.) both lower ball joints wear out excessively; 2.) head gasket leaks; and 3.) cruise control would shut itself off while driving without foot pressing on brake pedal. no_crash
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