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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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This example uses:

  • Two input tables:
    • Input test table ner_sports_test2, which contains the text to be analyzed.
    • Rules table rule_table, which contains regular expressions to use to parse emails, and must have the alias "rules".
  • Model file ner_model.bin, generated by the NerTrainer Example.
NER Example Input Table ner_sports_test2
id content
528 email sports@espn.com to contact for all sport info
529 email cricket@espn.com to contact for all cricket info
530 email tennis@espn.com to contact for all tennis info
531 1= Igor Trandenkov (Russia) 5.86
532 3. Maksim Tarasov (Russia) 5.86
533 4. Tim Lobinger (Germany) 5.80
534 5. Igor Potapovich (Kazakstan) 5.80
535 6. Jean Galfione (France) 5.65
536 7. Pyotr Bochkary (Russia) 5.65
537 8. Dmitri Markov (Belarus) 5.65
583  GENEVA 1996-08-30
584  UEFA came down heavily on Belgian club Standard Liege on Friday for disgraceful behaviour in an Intertoto final match against Karlsruhe of Germany .
585 The Belgian club were fined 25
586 He was sent off for insulting the referee and then urged his team mates to protest .
587  Roberto Bisconti will be sidelined for six Euro ties after pushing the referee in the back as he protested about a Karlsruhe goal
588  Karlsruhe won the August 20 match 3-1 thanks to two late goals .
589 They took the tie 3-2 on aggregate and qualified for the UEFA Cup .
592  MONTE CARLO 1996-08-30
593 Olympic champion Kenny Harrison and world record holder Jonathan Edwards will both take part in a triple jump competition at the Solidarity Meeting for Sarajevo on September 9 .
594 The International Amateur Athletic Federation said on Friday that a schedule reshuffle had allowed organisers to hold a men s triple jump as well as the women s long jump on the one usable runway at the war-devastated Kosevo stadium .
595 Atlanta Games silver medal winner Edwards has called on other leading athletes to take part in the Sarajevo meeting -- a goodwill gesture towards Bosnia as it recovers from the war in the Balkans -- two days after the grand prix final in Milan .
596  Edwards was quoted as saying : What type of character do we show by going to the IAAF Grand Prix Final in Milan where there is a lot of money to make but refusing to make the trip to Sarajevo as a humanitarian gesture ?
599  NICE
600 Former international goalkeeper Dominique Baratelli is to coach struggling French first division side Nice
601  Baratelli
602  Nice have been unable to win any of their four league matches played this season and are lying a lowly 18th in the table .
NER Example Rules Table rule_table
type regex
email [\w\-]([\.\w])+[\w]+@([\w\-]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,4}