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On this panel, dimension values from this or other Variable Creation analyses in the Project dialog are applied to variables in this analysis. The panel is shown below.
Variable Creation > INPUT > Dimensions

  • Right-Click Menu Options — The following right-click menu options are offered for the Available Variables panel.
    • Expand All Nodes — Expands the nodes completely for each variable.
    • Collapse All Nodes — Collapses the nodes to show only variables.
    • Switch Input To — This option applies only when a dimension value is highlighted in the Available Variables panel. When this option is selected, the Available Analyses selector on the left side of the screen is adjusted to match the analysis that the selected dimension value comes from.
    • Add Dimension(s) to this Analysis — If the dimensions selected are not currently members of this analysis they can be added to this analysis with this option. This option could be useful if a dimension from another analysis is applied to a variable in this analysis and it becomes necessary to change it.
    • Remove Dimension(s) from this Variable — The selection of this option removes all dimension values from the selected variable. Dimension values are not removed from the analysis in which they are defined but rather their association with this variable is removed.
The options on the INPUT - Dimensions panel are described below.
  • Available Analyses — Any Variable Creation analysis in any currently loaded project may be selected to make its dimension values available for selection. Initially, the current analysis is selected.
  • Available Dimensions — The available dimensions are the dimension values defined on the Dimensions tab of the Input - Variables panel in the selected Variable Creation analysis. Information about a dimension value may be viewed by holding the mouse pointer over it.

    If a dimension value comes from an analysis in another project, and if it contains a reference to another analysis, it may not be applied to a variable in this analysis, even if it is displayed here. If it is applied to an available variable an error message will be given.

    Further, any literal parameters present in a dimension that is being applied to a variable in this analysis are reconciled with the literal parameters already defined in this analysis. That is, if the literal parameter does not exist in this analysis, it is added, or if a literal parameter with the same name and type is present, the value of the literal parameter in the applied dimension is changed to match that in the literal parameters of this analysis. Finally, if a parameter with the same name but different type already exists in this analysis, the parameter in the applied dimension is renamed and added to the literal parameters of this analysis.

  • Available Variables — The available variables are the variables defined on the Variables tab of the Input - Variables panel. As dimension values are moved over using the right-arrow and left-arrow buttons, or dragged and dropped from Available Dimensions, they are shown below the variable. The resulting output column name will be the dimension name preceded or followed by an underscore and the variable name (depending on the Dimension Name is Prefix/Suffix option). The description of the resulting variable will be the description of the variable followed by connecting characters and the description of the dimension. If either the original variable or the dimension value does not have a description, its name is used when forming the description of the resulting variable. Information about an applied dimension value may be viewed by holding the mouse pointer over it.

    Variables that are referenced by another variable (using a Variable Reference SQL element) may not have dimension values applied to them.