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Clicking on the Add button leads to a dialog from which transformations may be selected from loaded analyses to add as copies to the current analysis.

Any literal parameters present in an added transformation are reconciled with the literal parameters already defined in the analysis the transformation is being added to. That is, if the literal parameter does not exist in the analysis, it is added, or if a literal parameter with the same name and type is present, the value of the literal parameter in the added variable is changed to match that in the literal parameters of the analysis. Finally, if a parameter with the same name but different type already exists in the analysis, the parameter in the transformation being added is renamed and added to the literal parameters of the analysis.

Variable Transformation: Add Transformations dialog

On this dialog, select:
  • Available Analyses — This drop down list contains all of the Variable Transformation analyses currently loaded in the Project window, including those in other projects.
  • Available Transformation Types — This drop down list contains all of the types of transformation so that the following selector may be filtered and transformations more easily selected. Note that the default value of All leads to the listing of all available transformations.
  • Available Transformations — These are the transformations in the currently selected analysis, filtered by type if a specific type is selected in the selector immediately above this one. Note that a Derive transformation that references more than one column cannot be added, even if it appears as an available transformation. Select one or more transformations to add.
  • Column To Transform — This drop-down selector contains all of the possible columns in the table being transformed. By default the column with name matching that being transformed in the selected transformation to add will be selected. If a column with matching name does not exist the user must select an appropriate column to transform.

    If more than one transformation is selected the Column To Transform selector is disabled. In this case, the selected transformations are applied to columns with the same name as the columns in the selected transformations. If any one of the selected transformations does not transform, a column with a name matching one of the columns in the table to transform an error message is given and no transformations are added.

  • OK/Cancel/Apply — Each time the Apply button is clicked, a copy of the currently selected transformations are added and a status message is given. The Apply button is also disabled as a consequence until another transformation or column to transform is selected. The dialog can be exited at any time by clicking the OK or Cancel button. If OK is clicked, the currently selected transformations will be added unless the Apply button is disabled.